Machine Learning Lectures

This repository contains an updated version of my lectures and workshops given at:

The talks are javascript and html-based using reveal.js and d3.js. They can be viewed online via github pages:

The workshops are provided as jupyter notebooks, which can be served as reveal.js presentations.

Howto clone this repository

This repository uses git submodules:

git clone –recurse-submodules

Howto print the slides

There are two options to convert the html-based presentation into a printable pdf file

I usually do something like this: First I serve the slides on a local web-server using python

python3 -m http.server

Afterwards I use decktape via docker to create screenshots of each rendered page with a large pause in between the screenshots to ensure that the animations finish.

docker run –shm-size 2G –rm -t –net=host -v pwd:/slides astefanutti/decktape generic –key=n –screenshots -p 15000 -s ‘1240x874’ –max-slides 150 http://localhost:8000/talks/MachineLearning.html temp.pdf

Finally I remove all uninteresting slides by hand to create a clean version of the pdf.

convert $(ls -v screenshots/*.png) machine_learning.pdf

Deprecated Repositories

The original repositories with the previous content and exercises are available here:

Further Reading

An (incomplete) list of interesting books:

You can find a list of research publications I enjoyed reading here